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My name is Tom Clay.  I served in the US Navy for twenty years as an Aviation Electronics Technician, all of it working on and as a crewman on P-3 Orions.  My P-3 experience includes 148883 - the first production P-3V (later changed to P-3A) and 163295 (the last production P-3 officially accepted by the US Navy).  Along the way, I qualified as a P-3 In-Flight Technician (IFT) on P-3A/B, P-3C NUD (or Non-Update), P-3C SUD (SASP Update of P-3C Update III Retrofit), P-3C Update II, P-3C Update III (production), P-3C AIP (Avionics Improvement Program), Outlaw Hunter/OASIS III, and other project aircraft (like 153442 - an NP-3D fitted with the E-C 2000 equipment, 152150 another NP-3D testbed that has cycled through AMARC three times by now, and others).  I also worked on P-3s of several different nations and configurations (Norwegian Royal Air Force P-3C UIP aircraft, Pakistani P-3C UII.5s, and Royal Thai Navy P-3Ts)  As a crewman, I ran up 5034 hours flight time on these.


Now that you know some of my bonifides, I will let you move on to using my EAWS guide.  First, I must give thanks to several people who were of great assistance in compiling portions of this:

Loy Howard, fellow VP-40 Blue Marlin and Crew Three survivor



AZC(AW/NAC) Kimberly King



Shawn Lightfritz, Amy Haller, and the other fellow VP-40 Blue Marlins who would not let me slide.




Common Core

102    103    104    105    106    107    108    109    110    111    112    114    115    116    117    118

P-3C Specific

101    102    103    104    105    106    107        201    202    203    204    205






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